SGInnovate's Talent Networking Session


What is Comet?

Comet is an exclusive, by-invite only session, where highly sought after deep tech talents will have dedicated 1-1 meetings with high-potential deep tech companies to explore potential job or collaboration opportunities.

What can you expect from Comet?

Through a series of short meetings lasting about 10 minutes each, you will get to interact with multiple deep tech companies that are playing important roles in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Talk to startup founders, founding team members, and corporates about their vision to build AI-enabled solutions to some of mankind’s greatest challenges

Who is Comet for?

We believe that good Data Scientists are solution-oriented, and not just focused on tools or model performance curves.

More than just skills and knowledge in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning or Computer Vision, we are looking for Data Scientists who are:

  • Always curious & experimental – constantly seeking out new ways to solve big problems
  • Good communicators – understanding the problem at hand, why it is important to solve it, and being able to communicate it clearly
  • Agile and adaptable – being able to work in a fast-paced startup environment

Participating Companies

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